Film, movie and TV inspired t-shirts and mugs.
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About Us

My name is Chris and this is my movie t-shirt website. I spend most of my time designing and printing tees which I think fans of movies, TV shows and general pop culture would want to wear.

I don't have a team of designers, researchers, online marketing managers or even a woman who occassionaly empties my bin, it's just me, toiling away in my workshop, dreaming up ideas for t-shirts.

I manufacture two kinds of t-shirts; screen prints and vinyl prints. The screen printed t-shirts come complete with Stealthy Giant labelling. These t-shirts only come in limited sizes and stock, so you better be quick to claim one. They cost £14.90, (plus P&P).

The other type of t-shirts I manufacture are the heat sealed t-shirts, which have been designed and printed using the most expensive vinyl materials available. These t-shirts are consistantly available in sizes and stock but do not come with Stealthy Giant labelling, hence the reduction in price at £12.90 each, (plus P&P).

So there you have it, a one stop shop for movie and TV tribute t-shirts to suit your specific budget.